• This Coffee is Flavourful:

    Flavours are exciting! They are what draws us into coffee and let’s be honest, we all have our preferences. We want to make sure you get a cup that you love, so we source coffees with specific flavour profiles in mind - that way you can have a cup that matches exactly what you’re looking for.

  • This Coffee is Ethical:

    We put a lot of effort into sourcing coffees that are delicious and also ethical. Sourcing is one of the ways we can have the largest impact - and so we need to be meticulous with how we do it (and transparent when we can be).

  • This Coffee is Affordable!

    We’re hoping to grow specialty coffee. That means, we need to make sure we’re charging a price that is affordable! At under $1/cup for ethically sourced, locally roasted coffee that’s dang delicous and tailored to your preferences? What more can you ask for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Great question! We're a few coffee nerds who are super passionate about coffee. More specifically? We're Suneal, Joseph, Dustin, Adam & Zara - aka, the folks behind The Roasters Pack!

Where do you roast your coffee?

We roast our coffee here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Is your coffee environmentally friendly?

You bet. Our coffee is roasted on one of the most energy efficient roaster (a Loring), we carbon offset and also pack our coffee in recyclable bags.

Where can I get your coffee?

You can find our coffee here on our site, at The Roasters Pack, or at your local cafe (like Butter & Blue in Toronto, or Durand Coffee in Hamilton).

Can I serve your coffee at my cafe? Or sell it at my retail shop?

We'd be honoured! Send us an email.


This Coffee Co. was the official roaster of the Toronto & Vancouver regional AeroPress championships. We had the honour of roasting an incredible Panama Geisha for Toronto and an Ecuadorian SL28 for Toronto.

Our Director of Coffee, Dustin Ryan Yu, also judged the Vancouver Championships!