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This Coffee Co.

This Tea is Cascara - This Coffee Co.

This Tea is Cascara - This Coffee Co.

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This Coffee is.... Tea?!

Tea eh? What's up with that? Aren't you guys a coffee company?

Great question! This Tea is actually made from the husk of the coffee cherry! Also, known as Cascara. So - what's it taste like?

Expect the tea to taste sweet with an apple cider-like acidity and have flavours of prune, raspberry, watermelon and golden raisin. It'll be a very interesting taste experience for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of trying Cascara before.

This specific lot stands out among the rest - and it's all because of the attention to detail at the farm level. Often Cascara is an afterthought. It is usually just a by-product of coffee production, so why should you care about it?

That's not how Ricardo Pérez and brothers Felipe and Marvin Rodriguez think about Cascara. They produced this tea in Costa Rica at their Helsar de Zarcero Micromill.

Since 2012, the University of Costa Rica and the team at the Micromill have been researching the possibility of creating food-grade cascara using modern technology, pasteurization, and specialization.

In an interesting role-reversal, the coffees used here were picked specifically to produce cascara—the coffee seeds are the "by-product" in this unique case! Caturra, Catuai, and Villalobos coffees from fincas Santa Lucía and Anonos in Naranjo, Costa Rica, comprise this special lot.

This bag of Cascara is 35g. We recommend using 1g of Cascara for every 30ml of water, steeping for 4-5 minutes using water at around 200F.

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